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It's time for your retest!

Your first HTMA test was only the beginning in your healing journey. If you've been compliant on your protocol, it's very likely that your mineral profile has changed. Plus, there is always something you will be working on when it comes to your health or basic maintenance. Again, healing is a marathon, not a sprint. Things don't happen as soon as we want them to. 


If you are not in a space ready for commitment and growth please disregard this email and discontinue supplement, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations. 

Important Note...

If you are committed to growth and change, I encourage all of my clients who purchased a one off test to upgrade into the three month, 1:1 program with me. 

There is so much to unpack when it comes to healing that isn't possible with just resorting to Google. If you feel you are ready for this, click the link below to opt into my HTMA container 

Learn more about HTMA testing, how it works, and why minerals are crucial for our bodies. 

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