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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing is a non-invasive test, which examines the hair from the scalp to discover mineral status within the tissues and cells of the body. Minerals are needed to create enzymes to perform every function within the body: thyroid, adrenals, hormones, metabolic, digestion, and brain function. Without minerals you wouldn't be alive today! Mineral imbalances typically address the root cause of symptoms, diseases, and illness that many of us experience throughout our lifetimes. 

After you mail your hair sample to the lab, I will send you health history forms to fill out in order to better understand your symptoms and body. Since HTMA tests cannot be read at face value, I will analyze, interpret, and explain your results. I will create a bio-individual supplement, exercise, nutritional, and lifestyle plan that fits YOU specifically, based on your mineral status results. 

If you are experiencing the following but have normal blood / urine tests, it's time to consider an HTMA:

list of symptoms .jpg

"As minerals become depleted and go out of balance, a person's energy diminishes. With less energy, the body is weakened and is less able to maintain vital health functions."

-Dr. Rick Malter, PhD

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