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Helping you heal from hormone, gut, and mental health symptoms through Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis + functional testing


My health journey was not something I had planned but something I believe God placed on my heart for myself and to help others. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at 13 years old and struggled with my gut health for nine years. My approach to healing is a bit untraditional and something Big Pharma definitely doesn't agree with. I believe the body wants to heal but in order to do so we need to find the root cause of why it is "stuck". Unlike others in the holistic world, I won't tell you to use crystals, manifest, or learn your zodiac sign. I will, however lead you to Christ as He is the true healer.

~ KP

mineral health is...
mental health

thyroid health
hormone health
metabolic health 
digestive health
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Rediscovering the sacred wisdom in God's initial instructions to tend to a garden, I guide women on a transformative journey—from nurturing the roots of well-being to embracing the divine feminine path, where we reconnect with the essence of our origin.


minerals are the foundation of health. common symptoms many people experience today is the result of a mineral imbalance. 

dive deeper into health + wellness discussions with special guests.

a full sources list for you to further your knowledge about different topics.


"Anyone who becomes highly copper toxic will begin to experience a deadening of his/her feelings."  
-Dr. Rick Malter, PhD.

In a world where the strings of our emotional puppetry are deftly manipulated, and the crystallization of our inner perception serves as a veiled shroud, some ponder whether the path to higher consciousness has been intentionally obscured. The missing link to this portal... minerals. 


"I feel like it should be a requirement for everyone to test their minerals because holy cow I had no clue those little suckers caused so much impact in my life. Quite literally every symptom is a mineral imbalance???? Like what?! Who knew and clearly not me until I met KP. I’m so happy I started to work with her because even though we aren’t ready for kids at all yet, I know that I need to work on my foundations so I’m not freaking out when we do want to try for kiddos. This is the best I’ve felt in so long… my hair stopped falling out and I’ve actually noticed new growth, my acne has finally cleared up especially on my thighs and back, and I have steady energy throughout the day. "
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