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I was born and raised in Naples, FL where I lived with my mom, dad, and younger brother. I began riding horses when I was three and showing when I was six. I rode Morgans, American Saddlebreds, and Hackney Ponies. I traveled to Oklahoma City, OK for the Morgan Grand Nationals several times where I finished reserve world champion with my Morgan, OV. I also traveled to Louisville, KY several times for the World's Championship Horse Show with my Hackney Pony, Tribute where we placed in the top 10 several years in a row. 

I love spending time with my dogs, Daisy, Rook, Moscow, and Jasmine, my childhood kitty cat, Sophie, and my horses. I enjoy deep sea fishing, hiking, road trips, and collecting plants! 

After suffering for years with my own health problems, only to be misdiagnosed several times and finding no relief from the medical system, I went on the hunt for answers as to why I was stuck in a continuous cycle of poor health and negative symptoms. I prayed for months and finally gave up trying to figure it out myself and that is when God led me to discovering minerals. From there I was introduced to Dr. Rick Malter whom I trained under for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing.

                                           EDUCATION & CREDENTIALS​


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