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The Calcium Shell

One of the most notable findings in HTMA was discovered by Dr. Paul Eck called the Calcium Shell. A calcium shell is a shell or wall built up outside of cells, all made of calcium, which prevents other minerals from being absorbed on a cellular level. One of the most important being magnesium. Individuals with a calcium shell typically experience withdrawal, psychological problems, copious amounts of stress (any type), extreme sensitivity, trauma, lowered awareness, numbness, depression, and overall a feeling of living behind a wall aka the calcium wall that has been built up overtime. 


Calcium is known to be hardening, tightening, and contracting while magnesium is softening, relaxing, and loosening. Due to calcium having a hardening effect, this prohibits other minerals from entering the cells such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium. This can further cause issues around the thyroid gland, adrenals, hormone imbalances, vitamin / mineral deficiencies, and an inability to detox properly. Calcium and magnesium must be in balance or the calcium shell can form causing an increase of symptoms and feelings previously mentioned. A high calcium to low magnesium ratio has many negative effects on a person, especially if one is copper toxic. 

Another important aspect to be aware of when discussing the calcium shell or calcification is the impact it has on the pineal gland. The pineal gland is known as our third eye. It is not protected by the blood-brain barrier meaning that it can be calcified and toxins such as glyphosate and fluoride can enter quickly. In simple terms, this impacts the way you see the world and interact with other people, animals, how you react to different situations, your sense of direction, and makes you easy to control. The pineal gland impacts our circadian rhythm as well by producing sulfate by day which relates to light and melatonin by night which relates to dark. 


Many people ask how they can detox their pineal gland and it isn’t as simple as they would hope it to be. Products are advertised everyday to detox your pineal gland, heavy metals, parasites, etc but caution must be taken with these products. As previously mentioned, the mineral system is inter-dynamic meaning that they work together either synergistically or antagonistically. Too much of one can lower the other and create harsh symptoms and vice versa. Products such as zeolite are advertised to detox heavy metals but it has a tendency to wipe out all minerals, not just the toxic metals. This could throw someone into a copper “dump” (meaning that their body is eliminating copper from the system, typically through the bowels and causes many neurologic symptoms that could force an individual to get on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications). If you are interested in detoxing your pineal gland or learning about the pineal gland further, a full HTMA test should be performed to understand the whole picture of the mineral system in that person’s body. 

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