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Whether you're 1 month or 1 year postpartum, we will get to the root cause of your symptoms to improve your energy, repair your mental health, and give you the confidence you need to nourish your child

What is the
Harmony for Motherhood


If you're ready to fully enter motherhood, this space is for you. 

Not only will we use functional tests such as the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test but we will dive deep into any emotional blockages that can prevent you from experiencing motherhood to the fullest. 

Baby follows mom's nervous system. If mom is living in a constant state of fight or flight or nervous system dysregulation, baby will follow. This can be expressed as tantrums, skin issues ~eczema, psoriasis~ food intolerance, & digestive issues.  


For the mother who...

Is exhausted, fatigued, burned out and has no
clue where to start to feel better again

Struggles with her mental health daily and is 
ready to find the root cause of it 

Needs help planning quick & easy meals for herself
and her family

Is holding onto previous trauma and is unsure of how
to release it 

Is in need of postpartum resources 

Is overwhelmed with the amount of resources
on the internet and doesn't know which one is
for her


  • 2 Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) tests
    your first test and a retest at the 3 month mark


  • Initial 60 Minute Consultation 
    this space will be used to go over your symptoms,
    health history, and fertility goals


  • 2 Protocol Consultations
    two 60 minute consultations to go over your HTMA
    results and protocols (includes retest)


  • Personalized Protocol 
    your body tells a story and everyone is different. not one
    protocol will work for every person. i custom create your
    protocol based off your results, symptoms, and goals. your 
    protocol gives supplement, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle
    recommendations tailored to your bio-individual needs


  • Monthly Check-Ins
    60 minute check in calls twice a month


  • Text support
    Monday-Friday 9am-6pm est


  • Fascia support 

  • Postpartum nutrition

  • Restoring depleted energy

  • Improving adrenal fatigue

  • Restoring healthy, smooth, & shiny hair

  • Managing mental health symptoms holistically

  • Address any nutrient deficiencies / metal toxicities

  • Low toxin environment + low toxin baby necessities

  • Supporting postpartum recovery + replenishment

  • Uncover + release hidden emotions that could impact
    you + your babies nervous system

  • Troubleshooting baby's dysregulation (if needed)
    by addressing mom's nervous system pattering

Learn more about HTMA testing, how it works, and why minerals are crucial for our bodies. 

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