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Whether you recently came off birth control or have been off it for a while - relieve your body from symptoms and restore your cycle to be a happier + healthier version of YOU

What is the Restore Your Cycle Package?

This package is perfect for women who have recently come off birth control or who have been off of it for a while, but haven't seen symptom improvement. If you've been playing the guessing game on what supplements/vitamins to take, tried different diets, workout routines, or grounding techniques and nothing has worked... this package is for you. 


For the woman who...

Has irregular or painful periods that they cannot

get under control 

Struggles with their mental health and energy daily

Needs help managing diagnoses like Endometriosis,
PCOS, PMDD, or hypothyroidism

Is unsure of what foods + lifestyle routines

are most nourishing for their bodies 

Is tired of guessing what is wrong with their bodies

Has had their life taken away from toxic symptoms
of hormonal birth control or the Copper IUD


  • 2 Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) tests
    your first test and a retest at the 3 month mark


  • Initial 60 Minute Consultation 
    this space will be used to go over your symptoms,
    health history, and health goals


  • 2 Protocol Consultations
    two 60 minute consultations to go over your HTMA
    results and protocols (includes retest)


  • Personalized Protocols 
    your body tells a story and everyone is different. not one
    protocol will work for every person. i custom create your
    protocol based off your results, symptoms, and goals. your 
    protocol gives supplement, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle
    recommendations tailored to your bio-individual needs

Key Details

Lab processing time takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks once the lab receives your sample. If you color your hair it is best to wait 4-8 weeks before cutting your hair sample. 

You will be notified via email and text once I receive your results. Once you get that email from me, you can expect to have your results + protocol + other goodies emailed to you within 1 week.

Learn more about HTMA testing, how it works, and why minerals are crucial for our bodies. 

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