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For maidens looking to conceive within the next 6 months - 1 year, this deep inner work will provide you with the tools you need to prep your body for pregnancy in every aspect

What is the
Prenatal Wellness Foundations 


If you're ready to fully enter motherhood, this space is for you. 

Not only will we use functional tests such as the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test but we will dive deep into any emotional blockages that can prevent you from experiencing motherhood to the fullest. 

Did you know that a majority of women develop a thyroid issue after birth as it stems from a negative self-image, self-talk, or abandonment... that could be abandonment of single, childless life they used to have. 

For the maiden who...

Wants to address any symptoms they are currently experiencing
so those are not passed in utero 

Is unsure of what products / ingredients are low toxin
for preparation and baby

Has no clue where to start in their conception journey

Is holding onto previous trauma and are unsure of how
to release it before conception

Is in need of pregnancy + postpartum resources 

Is currently on birth control or was on birth control 


  • 2 Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) tests
    your first test and a retest at the 3 month mark


  • Initial 60 Minute Consultation 
    this space will be used to go over your symptoms,
    health history, and fertility goals


  • 2 Protocol Consultations
    two 60 minute consultations to go over your HTMA
    results and protocols (includes retest)


  • Personalized Protocol 
    your body tells a story and everyone is different. not one
    protocol will work for every person. i custom create your
    protocol based off your results, symptoms, and goals. your 
    protocol gives supplement, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle
    recommendations tailored to your bio-individual needs


  • Monthly Check-Ins
    60 minute check in calls twice a month


  • Text support
    Monday-Friday 9am-6pm est


  • Fascia support 

  • Preconception + pregnancy + postpartum nutrition

  • Address any nutrient deficiencies / metal toxicities

  • Low toxin environment + low toxin baby necessities

  • Uncover + release hidden emotions that could impact your birth experience

Learn more about HTMA testing, how it works, and why minerals are crucial for our bodies. 

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